The Serbian Wedding Project


As you may know, we carry many supplies for weddings, especially Serbian ones.  We are always scouting out the best materials and craftsmen all over the world to bring you the accessories you need to have a traditional Serbian wedding, no matter where you live.

What you may not realize is that although Serbia has been whittled away into a tiny country, (currently about the size of Kentucky), it is subdivided into many different regions and further divided into cities and then into villages- each with their own traditions and customs.  In fact, two villages right next to each other might have two completely different wedding customs, or обичаје.

We are often asked, by Serbs and non-Serbs alike, about the different customs in different areas. Problem is that there are so many traditions and evolving traditions that it’s been almost impossible to keep up.  Enter The Serbian Wedding Project!

A staff member here came up with a great idea to compile these traditions in an online format, which we will then publish into a book.  If you are interested in chiming in, please leave a comment below specifying your specific region, city/town and any wedding or engagement related customs.  Be sure to include your email address.  All contributors will receive a 40% off coupon good toward the purchase of the book when it is ready.

Personal details will not be revealed in the book and if you prefer us to not publish your name and comments online, you can email us your feedback and still qualify for the discount.  The deadline for submissions is Dec. 31, 2011.  We plan on publishing the book in the early Spring of 2012.

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